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Atomic Fibers is a fabric and yarn shop located in historic Oak Ridge, TN. The store's retro flair and modern designs, complimented by the historic backdrop of our community, attracts fiber enthusiasts of all ages and styles.

We have lots of experience teachers at Atomic Fibers - Crochet, Knitting, Quilting, Sewing, and Weaving.  Get to know them!

Patty Ashworth  - I’m the crazy woman who loves to hand quilt.  Been sewing since I was 5, taught by my Grandmother.  Got into making my own clothes in high school, and soon after started sewing the scraps together.  Made my first quilt just after high school, and got serious about it in the very early 70’s.  After doing traditional designs for years, I got bored with geometric designs and have been playing with designs of my own.  I have been a professional hand quilter for over 35 years and really love the hand quilting part of it.  I did a lot of commissions work for people who had a quilt top that they wanted finished by hand.  I’m not taking in as much work for others now.  I have so much fabric and plenty of designs that I want to get done!

I have taught classes on and off for several years.  Love to lecture on quilting and show the clothing that I have pieced together.  I made the reproduction quilts that are in a visitor’s center.  I also have had a few single artist shows.

Patty has a fun variety of quilting classes this spring.

Joan & Vicki Bennett - Joan and Vicki Bennett (the Busy B's) are mother and daughter who have been sewing and crafting for a combined 120 years!  Joan was a tailor and seamstress for many years and they both took up quilting about 15 years ago and are constantly on the lookout for new fabric based projects.  They are a fun teaching duo!

Joan & Vicki are scheduled for unique sewing projects throughout the coming later this spring.

Teresa Brittain - Teresa has been a fiber enthusiast for almost two decades--knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving in her spare time.  While she is the proud owner of a floor loom, she prefers the ease and speed with which she can warp a rigid heddle loom and start weaving.

Teresa hosts our monthly Atomic Warpers Club on the 3rd Saturday every month.



Toni Carringer - has been quilting since 94' and sewing since high school.  She has been published in the Baltimore Sun for her online quilting experiences. Toni has taught over 8 years, through various shops and in private sessions.  Her favorite technique is paper piecing and love hosting mystery quilt classes as well as her Make It Take It classes.  Her passion is watching others learn how to quilt and become successful and grow in their own hobby(s).

Toni teaches various quilting, sewing and some knitting classes.


Emily Doane - She's back!  Emily Doane lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her charming husband and 3 cute dogs. She began seriously quilting in 2009, when she tagged along with her mother to a quilting class. After falling in love with the craft, she poured over internet tutorials and blogs until discovering Alissa Haight-Carlton’s “Handmade by Alissa.” Her love of modern art and bright, bold colors found a natural outlet in Modern Quilting. She has since been heavily involved with the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild.

Why do I want to teach? I think, above all, I love learning! I am so grateful to all those who have taken time to share their passion with me - to introduce me to quilting, or their love of fabric, or a new technique or pattern. So in a sense, by teaching, I am paying it forward - and hoping that by sharing with you and teaching you what others have taught me, I can encourage you to be fearless and explore your own self-expression in the craft and art that you hold most dear!

Emily teaches modern style classes.

Terry Doll - One of Atomic Fibers newest teachers.  Terry
is a Registered Nurse who works part time at a clinic in Oak Ridge. She grew up in Nebraska and lived in Wisconsin and Maine before moving to Oak Ridge 25 years ago. She is a dedicated wife and the mother of three exceptional children and grandmother to one very exceptional granddaughter.   Terry learned to sew from her mother as a child and started quilting in her 20s. Her free time and interest in quilting increased substantially when the three exceptional children left home to attend college and pursue careers. Terry began longarm quilting about two years ago and really enjoys it. She has found making quilts for the Linus Project to be very rewarding. She is particularly fond of log cabin patterns, quilts with stars and the technique of paper piecing because it is fun and easy to learn, where everything lines up properly.

Terry will be teaching paper piecing and quilt as you go techniques this spring/summer.

Peggy Payne
Peggy Payne - is still a new teacher to Atomic Fibers.  Atomic Fibers has hosted a trunk show and a class last spring with Peggy and the response was very supportive.

Peggy's business, New Covenant Quilting is a small business that first came about when she began to do longarm quilting for herself and other customers. Over time, Peggy had made custom-ordered quilts for customers doing the piecing, quilting and finishing work.  This led to me home and to designing quilts and publishing patterns. 

Peggy Payne grew up with a love and appreciation for quilts that her mother and grandmother made over the years, but it took time for her to begin her own journey to making, quilting and now designing quilts. With a varied background that includes being a southern woman (primarily East TN), an engineering degree, and being an Air Force wife during her husband's 21 years of service, and decades as a Bible study leader, all things lead to where she is now. Life, the beauty of the area, her Christian faith, and many interests inspire each quilt design. After teaching other designer's patterns and with some experience working in the quilt industry, she found herself more and more drawn to designing and writing her own patterns. With many ideas swimming around in her head, time will bring about other patterns in the future to add to those already published.

Peggy enjoys the teaching process as she encourages students to accomplish accurate piecing processes and successful finishes.  You can visit her website: and join her page on Facebook at New Covenant Quilting as well.

Peggy is teaching several of her Barn Quilt Series this spring.


Emily Smartt - Emily Smartt is a Jill of all crafts. She loves to knit, crochet, spin, weave and sew (just to name a few of her favorites). She first learned to knit back in 2002 and has been attending classes and conventions ever since. Emily has 2 years experience in knitting instruction and believes anyone can learn the craft, but must be patient with themselves. Emily has a fun outgoing personality and loves to laugh. She is a wife, a mom, an avid fitness enthusiast and has a "big girl" job in computer programming.

Emily teaches basics knitting techniques, advance knitting techniques and new sewing projects this spring!


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Atomic Fibers Atomic Fibers is a fabric and yarn shop located in Oak Ridge, TN. The store's retro flair and modern designs, complimented by the historic backdrop of our community, attracts fiber enthusiasts of all ages and styles.
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